Collagen Facial Treatment

Collagen Facial Treatment

       A collagen facial treatment is a beauty care treatment which involves the use of collagen protein to revitalize the skin. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that is found in the skin, tissues, and bones; in the skin, it is found in the lower dermis layers of the skin and is responsible for maintaining skin structure and strength of the skin. A collagen facial attempts to retard the aging process by replenishing the skin’s natural proteins by external application.


  So in start of collagen facial, the skin is thoroughly cleaned with a cleanser and is then exfoliated. Skin exfoliation involves scrubbing the skin manually with various facial scrubs or applying a chemical scrub to remove dead skin cells from the skin surface. Exfoliating the skin regularly keeps it clean and the unclogged, which helps to ward off acne.

  Another type of beauty treatment is the use of facial collagen injections. This involves supplementing the skin’s natural collagen by injecting human-derived or bovine-derived collagen into the dermis layer. Improvement is seen within days with the vanishing of wrinkle lines, and the emergence of a smoother skin and fuller lips.

Things to Keep in mind before treatment

  The procedure is low cost, takes only about an hour or less, does not require any overnight hospital stay or long recovery, and is said to be quite safe. It is essential, however, to consult a competent cosmetic surgeon before undergoing this treatment. Some people can have allergic reactions to the collagen used or may have certain health conditions, such as pregnancy or an autoimmune system disease, which may be adversely impacted by these injections.

Collagen Facial steps

  1.      Skin Analysis 
  2.      Steam 
  3.      Exfoliation 
  4.      Extractions 
  5.      Facial Massage 
  6.      Facial mask 
  7.      Final application

The benefits of Collagen facial

  •    Increase of circulation to all over the face 
  •    Intense & long-lasting hydration for skin 
  •    Rejuvenation of skin texture & complexion 
  •    Slow the effects of premature aging 
  •    Softer, brighter & more radiant skin instantly 
  •    Clearing of blemish and minor acne 
  •    Smoothening of fine lines with regular treatment 
  •    Relaxing the muscles and nerves through massage