Ice Pick Facial Treatment

Ice Pick Facial Treatment

  Ice pick scars are deep, narrow, v-shaped scars that are usually less than 2 millimeters long. They are a result of severe cases of acne, for example, cysts and papules, which heal leaving behind the depressions. They resemble holes made by sharp objects, such as ice-pick scars.


   Unlike other acne scars, ice-pick scar treatment is difficult. They need specialized treatment methods for people to notice any changes. Because of how deep they are, ice-pick scar treatment is in two stages. The first stage of treatment involves reducing the depth of the scar and bring it to the same level as the rest of the surrounding skin. In the second step, the treatments reduce the skin discoloration caused by the scars.

Initial Process

Stage 1

Reducing Ice Pick Scar Depth

It can be done by several ways which are mentioned below

1 – Punch Excision

2 – Punch Elevation

3 – Punch Grafting 

4 – Dermabrasion

5 – Chemical Peel

6 – Laser Therapy and

7 – Micro Needling

Stage 2

Reducing the Skin Discoloration

It can be done by following ways :

1 – Dermabrasion

2 – Micro-Needling

3 – Laser Therapy

Safety Measures To Avoid Any Side Effect

    Most of the side effects are avoidable by taking precautionary measures. These include,

1 – Avoiding direct exposure to the sun after treatment. It will help prevent any increased redness or irritation from the sun rays.

2 – Avoid certain cosmetic treatments to prevent any possible reaction during the procedures.

3 – Taking antiretroviral drugs if you have a history of herpes infection will help prevent viral infections after the procedure.

4 – Consult your doctor as much as possible before undergoing any of the procedures.

At the clinic, physicians will apply numbing cream before invasive procedures to ease any pain during the treatment. Some physicians will also prescribe drugs to counter any side effects that may arise.