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    Cavitation treatment

    Cavitation treatment

        The Ultrasound Cavitation treatment procedure uses ultrasound and radio waves to break down fat cells and cellulite without affecting nearby organs and cells. The disrupted fat cells will then process through the digestive system naturally. Unlike surgical fat loss treatments, with Ultrasound Cavitation there’s no pain, scarring, bleeding, and no risk of infection or downtime needed for recovery.


          Cavitation procedure uses ultrasound and radio waves to break down fat cells and cellulite without affecting nearby organs and cells.

    How Does Ultrasound Fat Cavitation Treatment Works?

         During the procedure, a technician will apply a hand tool that transmits low-level ultrasonic waves to your skin. The compression-expansion impulses create micro-bubbles that enlarge, collide, and implode, producing shock waves that “leak” the content of fat cells in a process called Cavitation treatment. The waste material is then processed through the liver and released from the body through sweat and digestive elimination.

    Things To Know

          Some results will be visible immediately, but the entire process can take several days to complete. You will see the results within 72 hours . Results will depend on the condition of the eliminated fat, including how long it has existed and how dense it is.  Typically you can expect 1 to 2 inches of fat loss after the first treatment and up to 2 inches of loss after each subsequent treatment.

    A 30 minutes treatment can cover a medium-sized area of your body, such as the belly, inner or outer thighs, buttocks, or back. Smaller areas such as the chin or upper arm can be treated together. Multiple treatments in the same area are recommended for maximum effectiveness. Extra belly fat, for example, may need 3-6 treatments, while larger areas will need more.

    While some rapid weight-loss treatments can result in sagging skin, Ultrasonic Cavitation has a firming effect on the skin and muscle tissue, including loose skin from previous weight loss efforts. Actual results will vary.

    Can Everyone Get Ultrasound Cavitation Fat Loss Treatments?

        Ideal candidates for treatment will be in generally good health but moderately overweight. Patients should not be pregnant or nursing, taking anticoagulants, or have a pacemaker or other metal implants. Other conditions which can be negatively affected by Ultrasonic Cavitation include recent surgeries, current infection or infectious disease, a compromised lymph system or immune deficiencies, and severe health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, high or low blood pressure, hemophilia or tuberculosis. If you’re not sure if you’re a good candidate for treatment, consult your physician first.