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    Mesotherapy and Microneedling

    Mesotherapy and Microneedling

    Mesotherapy combines a customised cocktail of potent vitamins that are injected into the lower layers of the skin using a meso device with a single needle. While microneedling gently moves numerous microscopic needles over the face to cause minute puncture marks that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin

    How Mesotherapy Treatment Works:

    Hyaluronic acid is one of 59 skin-revitalizing constituents in mesotherapy, a novel anti-aging, poly-revitalizing complex cocktail. It provides the skin with the necessary nutrients to promote dermal repair and renewal.

    Any age and any skin type can utilize mesotherapy to reduce obvious indications of aging. It is especially suitable for people who want to look rested and have healthy-looking skin, whether they are men or women.

    An expert in multipuncture injection procedures, the doctor administers the cocktail in a clinical setting. Each treatment lasts roughly 20 minutes and causes little pain. The mesotherapy is repeatedly microinjected into the dermis.

    How Microneedling Treatment Works:

    Derma-rolling, skin needling, and collagen induction therapy are additional names for microneedling. It is frequently used to treat acne scars and even hair loss and penetrates the skin with very tiny needles (0.5mm-1mm). This tool may resemble a cylindrical roller and roll tiny pins across the skin or be the tip of a pen-shaped instrument with pins organized in a pattern.

    It is FDA approved, legally authorized and patients over 22 years old can get the treatment.

    Mesotherapy and Microneedling

    Although the treatment might seem little painful, most patients said it was tolerable and produced excellent outcomes.

    Reduces acne

    Removes blackheads

    Closes large pores

    Less fine lines

    Reduces wrinkle appearance

    Delays signs of aging

    Improves and rejuvenates skin

    Diminishes all sorts of scarring, including acne

    What to Expect After Treatment:

    In order to reduce discomfort, if any, when treating deeper levels, a topical anaesthetic cream might be applied prior to the procedure. The forehead and upper lip are typically the most delicate parts. Mild to moderate redness may persist for up to 24 hours. Rarely, skin peeling and dryness can last up to 7 days (in 90 percent of clients, redness reduces within 1-2 hours). Applying SPF 30+ is required after treatment.

    For 24 to 48 hours, you must refrain from using any heat-producing facilities, such as saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzis, and the gym. For approximately 48 hours, refrain from using any products with active components (Retinol). Depending on the skin problem, a series of 4-6 sessions with gap of 2–6 weeks provides the best results.

    Skin texture, firmness, and elasticity all continue to get better over time in a gradual and consistent manner. Brighter and more even skin tones appear. Results can be improved by using particular medical-grade creams that we might suggest at the clinic.